Monday, 18 July 2016

This at a restaurant with WIFI at the village Vagur, at the island Suderoy, the southernmost of the Faroe.
We left the Orkneys enthusiastically with a ESE fresh breeze, bound for here. I did not check the weather forecast that morning - had looked the previous day & nothing much showed up. The ESE gradually veered to the S then SW, then W, building up over the night to F 8. Unpleasant seeing the growing & breaking seas at night, often at odds, always desirable to avoid this sort of thing. It is a matter of shutting down, securing everything, minimizing all effort & movement. For the first time I secured everything & moved crew to leewards, in case of a knockdown. Never came close though.
After the gale we ended up 60 mi E of the Faroes, and made our way in. Today a feast of washing & tidying up - showers, laundry, the entire boat interior. Rain & a low overcast, unattractive, so doubt we will be out much today.
There are magnificent boats here straight out of the Viking times. Sizes ranging from rowboats to a 40 footer that takes 20 rowers. Many boat houses. I suspect there are 30-50 Viking boats kept here. The lines & workmanship are impeccable, the pride of ownership evident, and rightly so with these magnificent creations.

By the way, the stern gland was replaced at Kirkwall (Orkney) within 24 hours of meeting the mechanic.

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