Monday, 22 August 2016

At Grimsey Island, 25 mi N of Iceland. The Arctic Circle runs thru it.

Vast numbers of the Arctic Tern here. Within weeks all will be gone, on their annual migration to the Antarctic continent. I think they are getting restless.

Only sandy beach on the island.

Plenty of field mushrooms (Agaricus spp). The mountains of mainland Iceland 25 mi in the distance.

Scurvy grass (Cochlearia officionalis).

To my surprise the scurvy grass here is really mild (in Ireland it is too hot to eat). So we took some..

...and made a salad of field mushroom, scurvy grass & chopped shallot on a bed of couscous. Heavenly. I also fried up some mushroom in butter & garlic.

Puffin (left) & harbor porpoise. First rate meats.

Teddy at harbour.
Photos by Jim.

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