Sunday, 4 September 2016

Rene flies from hospital to Reykjavik this evening, and home tomorrow.  Jim left early this morning to meet him in Reykjavik tonight & escort him to Keflavik Airport  tomorrow. We will stay in contact.

From Reykjavik, Jim also will fly home as he has family & work to return to.

That leaves Adolf and me.

The darkness is beginning to kick in. About 7.5 hours of night here, more in Ireland. We saw many Arctic terns on our return to Iceland - they have begun their migration to the Antarctic. The nights are cold. It is time for us to go & we are getting ready.


  1. Sorry to hear about the problems, hope Rene will be OK. Now that there is only the two of you, safe journey home. Maybe next year it will be shorter and safer to sail around to me in Marazion, and St. Micheal's Mount near Penzance!!!! Take care. xx

  2. René will be at home tomorrow at 4.30pm ; morphine will be his best friends during several weeks but he will be at home. We shall continue to follow you with the tracer ; and after,when René will be ok, we'll come to Ireland to look for the car and meet you once again.